Statewide Park Program Round Two

Grant Announcements!

53 new parks will be created and 11 existing parks will be expanded or substantially improved. Youth, seniors, and families determined what they wanted in their parks through extensive community based planning.

The average grant amount is approximately $2.9 million.  More than 400 applications were received requesting $1.3 billion, far exceeding the $184 million available in Round Two.   

Round Two concludes the Statewide Park Program.

  Between both rounds, 103 new parks will be created and 23 existing parks will be  
    expanded or substantially improved for a total of 126 projects.

  900 applications requested $3 billion for the available $368 million. 

  This clearly shows the extent of unmet community needs throughout California. 

    List of Round Two Grants 

    Brief Project Descriptions

    Round Two Map - Statewide

    Round Two Map - Los Angeles Area

    Round Two Map - Bay Area

Grant Administration Guide

This guide is used to administer Prop. 84 Statewide Park Program or Nature Education Facilities projects selected for funding. It includes updated grant administration requirements and replaces the original January 14, 2010 guide.

The application deadline for Round Two (the final round) was July 1, 2011. 

The following technical assistance was given to applicants in addition to the April 1, 2009, Application Guide.    

Round Two Technical Assistance FAQ           
       Combine use of the Application Guide with this document.  
       Features tips and Round One lessons-learned for applicants.

Community Fact Finder Process Tool Kit 
       Review the entire radius for acreage that should be added or removed.  
       Send acreage additions or removals ASAP to 
       Create your Fact Finder Report with the push-pin needle-tip (radius origin) 
              inserted on the project site, not outside of the project site boundaries.    

Technical Assistance Workshop Schedule  
OGALS held technical assistance workshops throughout the state starting February, 2011, for over 300 attendees.

April 1, 2009 Statewide Park Program Application Guide 

The Application Guide provides all application requirements and instructions.  OGALS recommends that applicants start using the Project Selection Criteria and Technical Assistance beginning on page 26 as a project location and concept planning guide.

Joint Powers Authority Applicants

Electronic Application Forms – The following forms required for the application packet can be completed and printed by clicking on each link below:

  Application Form
  Authorizing Resolution
  Funding Sources Form
  Grant Scope/Cost Estimate Form
  CEQA Compliance Certification Form (Required only if CEQA Compliance documents are complete at time of application).
  Land Tenure Form - (required only if the applicant intends to lease the project property, instead of obtaining ownership).

California State Parks Community Fact Finder

This web based tool combines mapping and demographic data to calculate the total population, median household income, number of families below poverty, and ratio of park acres per 1,000 residents within a half-mile radius of any project location throughout California.  The data will be used for Project Selection Criteria #1 and #2.  (see pages 26-29 in the Application Guide) 

Program History - Development of the Application Guide