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Statewide Park Program Round One

The Office of Grants and Local Services awarded 62 grants totaling $184 million through Round One.

These links show:
 Project requirements (from applicant's competitive proposal)
 Concept level site plan drawings
 Pre-construction site photos

 17th & Folsom

 Adams Park

 Avenal Neighborhood Park

 Bayer Neighborhood Park

 Boeddeker Park & Clubhouse

 Buena Vista Park

 Calimesa 4th Street Park

 Carlton Way Pocket Park

 Cathedral City Whitewater Park

 Cesar Chavez Park

 Chase Ave Park

 Corning Community Park

 Craftsman Park

 Elm Park

 Fort Bragg Coastal Park

 Garvey Aquatic Center

 Greenleaf Parkway

 Home Ave Neighborhood Park

 Jackie Robinson

 Jan Drive Park

 Jewett Park

 King Street Pocket Park

 La Mirada Park

 Lower Ocean Neighborhood Park

 Marshall Park

 Maryland Avenue Park

 Maywood Avenue Park

 McNamara Community Park

 Mercado Park

 Midway Zocalo Park

 Miraloma Park

 Monitor Avenue Ave

 Mulcahy Park

 Nevin Avenue Elementary School Park

 New Park - Normandie and Cordova

 New Park - West Boulevard

 New Park - Western Gage

 New Park and Community Center

 Nisich Park

 Orchard Village Park

 Ord & Yale Street Park

 Orizaba Park & Community Center

 Pajaro Community Park

 Paramount Fitness Park

 Paso Robles Uptown Family Park

 Patton Street Pocket Park

 Rancho Las Flores Park

 San Marcos Elementary Park

 Slauson-Wall Park

 Southwest Cucamonga Park

 State Street Park

 Sycamore Park

 Universally Accessible Park

 Vermont Median Park

 Vista Academy of Visual & Performing Arts

 WAYS Reading and Fitness Park

 West Oakland Center

 West Oakland Park and Urban Farm

 West Side Park

 Willard Intermediate Park

 Willits Kids Club Discovery Park & Play

 Wilshire Center-Koreatown Central Park

   List of Round One Grants

   Brief project descriptions

The average grant amount is approximately $2.97 million. 
50 new parks will be created and 12 existing parks will be substantially improved or expanded.  Youth, seniors, and families determined what they wanted in their parks through extensive community based planning. 

More than 475 applications were received requesting $1.6 billion, far exceeding the $184 million available in Round One.  This clearly shows the extent of unmet community needs throughout California.

  Grant Administration Guide

The Grant Administration Guide is used for administration of the 62 round one grants.

   Program History - Development of the Application Guide 

   April 1, 2009 Statewide Park Program Application Guide - (PDF Version)

   2010 Technical Assistance Meetings
OGALS offered a new type of technical assistance meetings.  Click the link above for more information.

   FAQ's: Technical Assistance Workshop Questions
Click on the above link for questions and answers derived from 14 technical assistance workshops held throughout the state from October 5, 2009, to November 19, 2009.

   2009 - 2010 Technical Assistance Workshops

OGALS held fourteen heavily attended technical assistance workshops throughout the state during October - November 2009 for more than 500 potential applicants.  Hundreds of evaluation sheets completed by the attendees thanked OGALS for the presenters’ knowledge, their encouragement for applicants to ask questions at any time, and the thoroughness and organization of both the workshops and Application Guide.

   Frequently Asked Questions (September 1, 2009)

Project Description:
Create a new 17th and Folsom Park in the City of San Francisco through development of a .74 acre parcel. Construct a new community garden, activity area, performing arts/outdoor classroom space, open turf area, demonstration garden, public art, fencing, and lighting

Before Photos:

Click on Photo to Enlarge

Click on Photo to Enlarge

Project Plans:

  17th & Folsom Park Site Plan

Project Update:
(Project updates will be provided every six months)

After Photos:
(After Photos will be provided upon project completion)